Message from the Sheriff.

In consideration of the current situation facing the world today with COVID-19 virus and with breaking news constantly developing, I want to ensure that I am keeping my employees, and the public safe.  We have increased our cleaning protocol to ensure the safety and health of our employees and the public.  Also, we will follow the social distancing between individuals.  No one will be allowed in the back of the building unless authorized.  I encourage my employees to frequently wash their hands.  I request that if they do not feel well or have recently traveled to please stay home. 

We will remain open at this time.  Delivery personnel will continue to make deliveries at this time.  Visitation of inmates will cease until further notice.

We will continue to do our part.  Please take care of yourself and others and let’s stand in prayer for the world.

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Please besafe and wear your mask, lets prevent COVID19 together.